Wasson Ranch – Coyote Crest

Coyote Crest is contained within the Wasson Ranch, purchased by our grandparents, Fred and Ruby Wasson, in 1942. It remained as open, rolling hillside pasture until they planted it to grapes in late 1970’s.

The property provides wide-ranging, majestic views from north of Geyserville to southern tip of the valley and it’s soils are characteristic of the eastern hillsides of Alexander Valley – rich in nutrients and shale-based for good drainage.

Coyote Crest vineyard was named for the path walked by coyotes, year after year, from wooded canyons across our knoll to neighboring properties.

Munselle Vineyards from Munselle on Vimeo.

For more than three decades we’ve produced premium grapes that have contributed to a multitude of award-winning and notable wines. Now, five generations later, we’ve come full circle with a return to winemaking. With every grape and bottle we produce, we honor the vision of our ancestors, and the heritage and hard work of our family.