You really get a sense of the seasons and time passing with the changes in the vineyards. These pictures were taken on a walk in early September as the vines were at their fullest, the berries deep in color and ripening to their optimal sweetness.

Hmmm, which one shall I taste first?

Just a couple more degrees Brix and these will be just right!

And, when you see all the equipment being pulled out, tested, and shined up in preparation for the big event– you know it’s almost picking time! The tractors and forklift are fun, but it seems the harvester is definitely the “prized” piece of machinery in the girls’ minds. Maddie and Callie didn’t hesitate to climb on up and make themselves comfortable. Future farmers? Time will tell….

Look at me Mom!

You should see the view from up here…

A little assistance from Dad.