This post marks the first in a series I’ll write to share some highlights from another harvest gone by.

Every season is different in its own way. But, this year we had the joy of seeing it all through our daughters’ eyes, now that they’re old enough to understand what the flurry of activity is all about!

Riding with Daddy or Papa in the big trucks to deliver grapes, and meeting Bret at the crush pads to bring him lunch on several occasions, scored high on their list of favorite moments. But, the topper may have been our middle-of-the-night jaunt to bring a hot meal out to the crew in the vineyards. I woke the girls at 3am and bundled them up in cozy jackets. Then we piled into the bright, orange Kubota and set out with the back full of hot burritos and drinks.

Maddie and Callie get ready to ride!

Bret and the crew were hard at work picking chardonnay for La Crema winery, but happy to take a break when we arrived.

Bret was excited to see his girls–and the feeling was mutual!

Harvest is an “all hands on deck”, family affair and the girls were excited to do their part. Plus, they got a firsthand look at what Daddy does when he works all night.

It’s chow time!

Special time with Daddy…

Once break time was over and everyone was sufficiently sated, it was back to work for the crew and back to sleep for us girls. Family time is harder to come by during this time of year, so it was a memorable way to be together…I’m sure we’ll it make an annual tradition!

With full bellies, it was time to crank up the harvester again.

The excitement dies down and sleepiness sets in for little Callie. It’s time to go home…